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Réactions au discours de Obama

Le discours de Barack Obama analysé par des Israéliens contre la colonisation de la Palestine :

– 04/06/2009, Obama and Israel’s true interests, MWC News.
– 09/06/2009, The Tone and the Music, Gush ShalomDaily TimesContreInfo.

• Zvi BAR’EL
– 07/06/2009, The power of humility, Ha’aretz.
– 09/06/2009, Egypt, Saudis threaten to rescind Arab peace plan, Ha’aretz.
– 12/06/2009, Week in review/ after Cairo, The National Newspaper

In Haaretz, Zvi Bar’el said: « Obama is a political philosopher who seeks to forge a new constitution of international politics that can replace the old paradigm, which drew a line separating Islam from the West. The old paradigm also built the temples of Orientalism, where the Middle East was researched as a holding area of natives, which attributed wisdom to the West and backwardness to ‘Islam,’ and juxtaposed a West of diplomatic finesse and honest handshakes with an Islam of fraud and violence.
Obama, as he explained in a press interview, removed the masks in Cairo. No one is absolutely right and there are no clear villains. There are no good and bad religions. »

• Akiva ELDAR
– 04/06/2009, Obama put Arabs and Israel on an equal footing, Ha’aretz.
– 05/06/2009, Obama’s Cairo speech signals end of the 9/11 era, Ha’aretz.
– 12/06/2009, Obama’s Cairo’s speech: A compilation of views, Webdiary

Obama left Egypt with two tablets of the commandments – one for Jews and the other for Muslims. He left no room for doubt: An Israel that continues to discriminate against Palestinians and prevent them from exercising their rights to self-determination and freedom of movement cannot expect affirmative action from the US.
Obama placed violence against Israel on a par with the settlements and the humiliation of Palestinians in the territories. He spoke in the same breath about the struggle of Palestinians who lost their homes more than 60 years ago and the struggle of African slaves in the U.S. The Israelis could see themselves in the sentence that mentioned the apartheid state of South Africa.

• Gideon LEVY
– 05/06/2009, Future of Mideast is a domestic American issue, Ha’aretz.
– 05/06/2009, Obama emerged in Cairo as a true friend of Israel, Ha’aretz.
– 05/06/2009, Obama est un véritable ami d’Israël, AgoraVox selon Ha’aretz.
– 11/06/2009, Meanwhile, back in Israel, Ha’aretz.

 – 07/06/2009, Obama’s Buchenwald visit seen as balance to Cairo speech, Ha’aretz.

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Israéliens contre la guerre coloniale en Palestine (7)

Tom Segev est un écrivain, journaliste israélien et l’un des « nouveaux historiens » qui ont réexaminé de façon critique l’histoire d’Israël et du sionisme.

29/12/2008, Gaza : de quelques fausses hypothèses [L’erreur fondamentale de vouloir donner une leçon au Hamas], La Paix MaintenantlPalestine – SolidaritéContreInfoAlternatives InternationalLe meilleur des mondesCourrier internationalLibération.

01/01/2009, Encore une guerre pour rien, Free PalestineUn écho d’Israël.

04/01/2009, « L’opération terrestre sera un désastre », LeJDD.

07/01/2009, Entretien avec Tom Segev, historien Israélien et éditorialiste à Haaretz, France 24.

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